Hunt: Showdown's Next-Gen Leap: What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Changes

Jack Elliot


Hunt: Showdown's Next-Gen Leap: What You Need to Know About the Upcoming Changes

Crytek recently announced that its popular extraction shooter, Hunt: Showdown, will be leaving behind PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users come August 15, 2024. The game, which has amassed a dedicated player base since its release, will no longer run on these older consoles following the rollout of a significant CryEngine update. While this news may come as a disappointment for some, Crytek has a silver lining in store: a free upgrade to the next-gen version of the game for all affected players.

For those who have been hunting down monsters and extracting bounties on their trusty PS4 or Xbox One, the transition might sound daunting. However, Crytek has assured fans that their player accounts and any purchased DLCs will seamlessly carry over to the next-generation versions. This means that all your hard-earned progress, gear, and customization options will be ready and waiting for you once you make the switch to newer hardware.

This upgrade is part of a broader initiative to usher in a ‘new era’ of Hunt: Showdown, marked by the arrival of CryEngine 5.11. The enhanced game promises a slew of improvements, including a revamped anti-cheat system, an overhauled user interface, and new recruitment and prestige systems. These changes aim to refine and enrich the player experience, addressing long-standing community requests and modernizing the game for the next generation of consoles.

One of the most thrilling features of this update is the comprehensive revamp of Hunt: Showdown’s main map. The latest iteration will bring in new locations and dangers, revitalizing the game environment. These improvements will be exclusive to next-gen consoles, giving players a reason to upgrade their hardware. Crytek’s dedication to enhancing the game demonstrates their attentiveness to the community and their effort to ensure the gameplay remains exciting and captivating.

In summary, although the announcement that Hunt: Showdown will no longer be accessible on PS4 and Xbox One may appear disappointing at first, Crytek's provision of a free upgrade and the array of forthcoming features should make the transition smoother. The promise of a more enhanced and immersive experience is something players can eagerly anticipate. The game's shift to CryEngine 5.11 represents a pivotal moment, paving the way for thrilling new adventures and challenges in the Hunt: Showdown universe.