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Jingcheng Yang


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Continuum Review

Continuum is an application designed by Jingcheng Yang. Continuum was first published on . It is currently available on the following platforms: Steam.

Continuum - Try to navigate through an endless and immersive combination of color, geometry, and music.

Continuum is a lightweight and simple game where you move around in different directions to avoid swarms of never-ending obstacles that fly right towards you. The game requires focus and fast-reaction, test and see how far you can journey into the continuum.

-Easy-to-pick-up gameplay.
-Original soundtracks just for the game
-Immersive and relaxing procedural environments.
-All gameplay features free
-Never-ending procedural generation mode (Well unless you bumped into an obstacle).
-Progressive and procedural level mode with carefully configured elements such as moving obstacles and laser beams.
-Zen mode, a new game mode that you will not die, just enjoy the music and visuals !
-Enforcer mode, NPCs chases you through an endless flow of geometry with explosive charges !

Steam Features
-Steam Cloud Integration : Play your game with your progress synchronized across all platforms and devices !
-Steam Achievements : Feel achieved and challenged with all the Steam Achievements inside the game !

Awesome features and things to look forward to:
-LAN Multiplayer
-More elements for procedural environments(e.g. Obstacle Geometries)
-New Soundtracks
-New Game Modes!


3.5 / 5

Continuum Logo
Author: Jingcheng Yang
Size: 100 MB available space

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